Legacy Designs LLC

Who We Are

A creative design and development company located in Southern New Jersey, we service the New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania areas. With 10 years of experience in the industry, we have seen the advent of many new technologies and fads in the business.

We believe that change is a good force for progress and as such we are always using new methods in our development process. Currently we are strong advocates of jQuery, a cruelly remarkable JavaScript library that we utilize in our websites to add some spice. Our site for example has no Flash elements in it, all those animations you seeā€¦ yep all jQuery under the hood. What about Flash you say? We will always love Flash and continue to use it for web applications, corporate presentations and CD development.

How We Do It

Design and web companies are plentiful these days, so what sets us apart from all the others you ask. There are many answers to that question. In this constantly changing industry, it's hard to stay current with new standards and technology. We are always searching for new and better ways to present your business to the world effectively and efficiently. We employ a wide range of skills and web technology to service your needs.